Talk to me

(ITA) Carissima anima, prendendo spunto da un’idea di una cara amica, ti invito a scrivere o disegnare, in qualche modo, qualcosa in questa pagina. Sii libero e spontaneo, autentico, e per cortesia scrivi nella tua lingua madre

(ENG) Dear beautiful souls, taking inspiration from the idea of dear friend, I invite you to write or draw, in some way, something in this page. Feel free to be spontaneous , authentic and, please, use your mother tongue.

One thought on “Talk to me

  1. So delighted to see you’ve started this blog, dear friend. I wish you much success.

    I recall when you first told me about “walking mirrors” and I had to think about it for a bit. It stopped me. What exactly did it mean? And still it gives me pause. To know that I am the reflecting someone back to themselves. It is quite often that I think I need to have a conversation with someone only to realize I just needed to speak my thoughts, and whatever it is I was questioning resolves as I speak. I have the answer. I just needed a mirror to see it:) And how grateful I am for those people that serve as mirrors in my life.


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