Day 0 part 2 Milano-Santiago de Compostela-Malpica

Finally we leave Milan at the sunrise, and after a very quiet flight of just over two hours we arrive in Santiago. The feeling is to breathe the air of home: everything is known to us, every corner of the city, the buildings, rituals and places where to quench the hunger of typical Spanish tapas. The emotions that we can read in the faces of the pilgrims who come, we know them very well: we were facing the cathedral to contemplate the facade that is finally free of scaffolding, when a group of pilgrims come to celebrate that near the stone km 0, they put in circle in a moment of great silence and concentration. The scene nails me to the ground for its great intensity and strength because I feel all their emotion and energy, as much so that I am moved to tears (and I still get excited, writing), my god, how I would like to be there with them!
A visit to the cathedral is a must, to greet the saint and to ask for support and protection for this unique adventure: the moment of meditation in front of the presumed remains of the saint is very strong and the emotions that vibrate in the air, yet another time, they are palpable.
Before saying goodbye to the city, we can not make the night more precious with a dance tour with the Tuna de Derecha (a very famous Galician group).


Finally Malpica, start of the #ocaminosdosfaros.
To reach the sea, to be in front of spectacular waves, the sun that warms our skin, spectacular food (pulpo feira, impossible not to eat it!): All this can impress on our faces bright smiles.
But it is too much time that I don’t run, and if the other guys decide to relax on the beach, I decide to dedicate the afternoon to an exploratory and regenerating race. It seems so strange for me to realize such a great and incredible dream: to run in Galicia !!!
Everything is so strange and surreal that it doesn’t even seem true: the eucalyptus woods, the gentle slopes of Galicia, the bright green pastures. Everything is magical, everything is perfect.

temporary_file2467021975650197847.jpg But tomorrow everything start to get serious. Tomorrow, the first day, I dedicate it to walking with my traveling companions, and then, from the second stage, away to run!



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