Day 0 part 1 Padova-Milano

Here we are!
The long awaited moment has arrived: i’m leaving for this new adventure, which has everything to give and to say. Although there have been some things that need planning, others have deliberately chosen to leave them “open” because I want to challenge myself and be challenged, and see what happens.
I liked manage to set up a team, made up of highly qualified people, who help me to live this little adventure to the full, and a piece of equipment that seems to me a good compromise between the essential and the efficient. (in a few time I try to write a post about it)

Wake up early and with a high-speed train I can travel, in a couple of hours, the distance Padua – Milan.
Milan, a city that honestly struggle to live: chaos, noise, frenzy, all too much for me. But I’m lucky to find a moment of peace during the lunch, when I meet a beautiful soul with whom I’m lucky enough to share my training in the world of Coaching. Words fly, like time, and it is already time to say goodbye.
My traveling companions arrive in a few minutes, with whom I will share a few steps, and you begin to breathe the air of Galicia, the desire to feel the sea, to breathe the grass, to feel the sweet weight of the backpack on the shoulders. ..all, within 48 hours it will take shape.

Tomorrow, second transfer.

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