The runner’s prayer

In this days, while I preparing my next adventure, I’m thinking about what run is for me. It’s a kind of meditation, so running is definitively a type of prayer. Simply asked google and I found this Italian prayer

Enjoy and free to share

make sure that in the magical quiet of solitary running,
as in the severe harshness of competition,
I can temper my spirit in addition to my muscles,
until it becomes limpid like rock water,
as generous as the sun that warms us.

Make sure that from the constant sporting practice,
I receive so much strength to overcome
the most difficult trials of life,
without ever knowing dismay,
neither discomfort nor despair.

Over one hundred races only one victory grant me,
the one on myself,
on my weaknesses,
on my inadequacies.

Give me sober burden
as it is suitable for those who run,
but grant me to live today
the infinite beauty of what surrounds us.

Allow finally, that at the end
of this heady race named Life,
may I, serenely,
give the witness to other younger ones,
pleased to continue interrupted my song of Your glory.

And so be it.

from: Giuseppe Conforto

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