A little stop in Bilbao

I love to know and explore cities by running, it has its own charm in a certain way. I’m in Bilbao for a few days, a city that for some reason I’m appreciating, especially for the pedestrian area that follows the river Nerviòn, and for its most famous symbol, the Guggenheim museum: a real exciting surprise inside with the works of Esther Ferrer (link to a video in spanish), and in particular the immense installations of Richard Serra. So I live this type of emotion, only at the Venice Biennale. the Smiles of the world

Many things are happening in these days (including a stop that I struggle to accept because I have a Tibial Periostitis due destroyed shoes), and, in my mind, many things are in turmoil: the enthusiasm to start a new project that could push me so far (I would like to tell a lot more, but this is not the moment), the fear, natural, to fail (and there can be no better teacher!), the desire to improve (a first step to start writing this blog in English, mistakes included!), investments that I can not assess how risky they may be.

For a vegetarian, or supposedly so, there is a lot of meat on fire!

BUT……. But the solution, if we want to call it that, puts it in front of Life with great simplicity, however banal but sometimes it’ snt immediate and easy to see this: my greatest wealth is what I am, with genuineness and simplicity, including errors, indeed , they are my greatest wealth. I don’t have to look too much at the horizon, but “to do without doing” in the present so that what life has in store for me may happen and develop.

I realize that I am inconsistent in this last thought, but it has its foundation that will be revealed in due course.


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