Day 0 part 2 Milano-Santiago de Compostela-Malpica

Finally we leave Milan at the sunrise, and after a very quiet flight of just over two hours we arrive in Santiago. The feeling is to breathe the air of home: everything is known to us, every corner of the city, the buildings, rituals and places where to quench the hunger of typical Spanish tapas. The emotions that we can read in the faces of the pilgrims who come, we know them very well: we were facing the cathedral to contemplate the facade that is finally free of scaffolding, when a group of pilgrims come to celebrate that near the stone km 0, they put in circle in a moment of great silence and concentration. The scene nails me to the ground for its great intensity and strength because I feel all their emotion and energy, as much so that I am moved to tears (and I still get excited, writing), my god, how I would like to be there with them!
A visit to the cathedral is a must, to greet the saint and to ask for support and protection for this unique adventure: the moment of meditation in front of the presumed remains of the saint is very strong and the emotions that vibrate in the air, yet another time, they are palpable.
Before saying goodbye to the city, we can not make the night more precious with a dance tour with the Tuna de Derecha (a very famous Galician group).


Finally Malpica, start of the #ocaminosdosfaros.
To reach the sea, to be in front of spectacular waves, the sun that warms our skin, spectacular food (pulpo feira, impossible not to eat it!): All this can impress on our faces bright smiles.
But it is too much time that I don’t run, and if the other guys decide to relax on the beach, I decide to dedicate the afternoon to an exploratory and regenerating race. It seems so strange for me to realize such a great and incredible dream: to run in Galicia !!!
Everything is so strange and surreal that it doesn’t even seem true: the eucalyptus woods, the gentle slopes of Galicia, the bright green pastures. Everything is magical, everything is perfect.

temporary_file2467021975650197847.jpg But tomorrow everything start to get serious. Tomorrow, the first day, I dedicate it to walking with my traveling companions, and then, from the second stage, away to run!



Day 0 part 1 Padova-Milano

Here we are!
The long awaited moment has arrived: i’m leaving for this new adventure, which has everything to give and to say. Although there have been some things that need planning, others have deliberately chosen to leave them “open” because I want to challenge myself and be challenged, and see what happens.
I liked manage to set up a team, made up of highly qualified people, who help me to live this little adventure to the full, and a piece of equipment that seems to me a good compromise between the essential and the efficient. (in a few time I try to write a post about it)

Wake up early and with a high-speed train I can travel, in a couple of hours, the distance Padua – Milan.
Milan, a city that honestly struggle to live: chaos, noise, frenzy, all too much for me. But I’m lucky to find a moment of peace during the lunch, when I meet a beautiful soul with whom I’m lucky enough to share my training in the world of Coaching. Words fly, like time, and it is already time to say goodbye.
My traveling companions arrive in a few minutes, with whom I will share a few steps, and you begin to breathe the air of Galicia, the desire to feel the sea, to breathe the grass, to feel the sweet weight of the backpack on the shoulders. ..all, within 48 hours it will take shape.

Tomorrow, second transfer.

The runner’s prayer

In this days, while I preparing my next adventure, I’m thinking about what run is for me. It’s a kind of meditation, so running is definitively a type of prayer. Simply asked google and I found this Italian prayer

Enjoy and free to share

make sure that in the magical quiet of solitary running,
as in the severe harshness of competition,
I can temper my spirit in addition to my muscles,
until it becomes limpid like rock water,
as generous as the sun that warms us.

Make sure that from the constant sporting practice,
I receive so much strength to overcome
the most difficult trials of life,
without ever knowing dismay,
neither discomfort nor despair.

Over one hundred races only one victory grant me,
the one on myself,
on my weaknesses,
on my inadequacies.

Give me sober burden
as it is suitable for those who run,
but grant me to live today
the infinite beauty of what surrounds us.

Allow finally, that at the end
of this heady race named Life,
may I, serenely,
give the witness to other younger ones,
pleased to continue interrupted my song of Your glory.

And so be it.

from: Giuseppe Conforto

A little stop in Bilbao

I love to know and explore cities by running, it has its own charm in a certain way. I’m in Bilbao for a few days, a city that for some reason I’m appreciating, especially for the pedestrian area that follows the river Nerviòn, and for its most famous symbol, the Guggenheim museum: a real exciting surprise inside with the works of Esther Ferrer (link to a video in spanish), and in particular the immense installations of Richard Serra. So I live this type of emotion, only at the Venice Biennale. the Smiles of the world

Many things are happening in these days (including a stop that I struggle to accept because I have a Tibial Periostitis due destroyed shoes), and, in my mind, many things are in turmoil: the enthusiasm to start a new project that could push me so far (I would like to tell a lot more, but this is not the moment), the fear, natural, to fail (and there can be no better teacher!), the desire to improve (a first step to start writing this blog in English, mistakes included!), investments that I can not assess how risky they may be.

For a vegetarian, or supposedly so, there is a lot of meat on fire!

BUT……. But the solution, if we want to call it that, puts it in front of Life with great simplicity, however banal but sometimes it’ snt immediate and easy to see this: my greatest wealth is what I am, with genuineness and simplicity, including errors, indeed , they are my greatest wealth. I don’t have to look too much at the horizon, but “to do without doing” in the present so that what life has in store for me may happen and develop.

I realize that I am inconsistent in this last thought, but it has its foundation that will be revealed in due course.



Ho imparato in questi ultimi mesi a cercare, trovare, perdere e ri-cercare una sorta di compromesso tra l’essere sognatore romantico e l’essere logico e razionalmente reale; è bello però, ogni tanto, farsi cullare nei sogni, desideri, ma non nelle aspettative.

Esiste una gara di trail ( = correre immersi nella natura ) che ho posto nell’olimpo dei sogni da realizzare, sia per la location ( isola della Palma – Gran Canarie ), sia per il numero di partecipanti, e di conseguenza l’organizzazione davvero completa, sia per il percorso (si circumnaviga il vulcano dell’isola, per non parlare dei 1000m. di dislivello che si corrono in discesa nel giro di pochissimo), sia per le emozioni che si possono e potrebbero vivere lì. Parlo della Transvucania.

Esiste una ragazza, un’atleta che seguo su YouTube (da quando ha corso la sua prima maratona), il cui sorriso è incredibilmente solare, è di Valencia (motivo in più per seguirla: esercitare la comprensione dell’idioma spagnolo), e, tra le sue tante esperienze di corsa in giro per il mondo, ha corso l’ultima edizione della gara appena citata. Lei si chiama Maigualida Ojeda Pérez.

In questo periodo della mia vita le emozioni, in generale, le vivo in modo esponenziale, e quando ho visto il video (anche se mosso non importa, conta quello che ha comunicato), in particolare l’arrivo, non lo nascondo, e non mi vergogno: ho pianto….

PS: la prossima edizione della Transvulcania è l’11/05/2019…… Chissà!